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House Report Card is a homebuyers community.  

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In the house hunting journey my wife, Jessica, and I found out a lot about buying a home. You have to kiss a whole lot of frogs before you find the fairy tale home you dreamed of. While today's modern online house searching tools can be used to cover a lot of ground the fact is they're the commercial for the seller. The pictures are professionally photoshopped and staged. The house descriptions are out of an 18th-century romantic novel where you're welcomed into your own piece of paradise. Where gentle sunbeams break through charming windows while you look into your serene backyard. However, the windows those sunbeams are coming through are the original windows from 1958. They leak heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Meanwhile, the termites eat your walls and the asbestos awaits in the ceiling. A new generation of homebuyers faces unprecedented issues after they pay skyrocketing prices for homes. Sellers play a game of catch me if you can. They want you to think with your heart. Not your head. They know if you fall in love with the pictures they have you. That's why it's crucial you know what you're getting into. Not what the seller wants you to think you're getting into.

What this site is about is helping you understand what you're buying. Cutting through the marketing materials of the seller. Understanding that behind everything you need to fix or change is a lot of money. The kind of money you could use to help pay for your child's college or a dream vacation. Understanding that every seller is hiding something. It's sad but true. While homes have never been more expensive and the tax burden greater the need to repair them is more prevalent than ever. To properly plan your budget for the rest of your life you absolutely need to know the true cost of the house you're buying. That includes the price of the home, the renovation, and the endless bills that come ever after. What kind of fairy tale doesn't have an ever after. 

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