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Croton On Hudson, NY 10520
West Harrison, NY 10604
Port Chester, NY 10573
Know what you're getting. Not what the seller wants you to think you're getting.

Its the most expensive purchase you'll ever make. Know what youre getting into.


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Real Estate Agent

It's a relief to see this site. I can't tell you how times I've brought a client to house to find out the listing didn't represent the actual condition of the home and we all wasted our time.


Home Inspector

I tell my clients not to get emotionally attached to a house until after inspection. Most home sellers are hiding something. You just won't know how bad it is until then. 


Art Director/Home Buyer

I want to see the electric panel, under the sink and if the windows need to be replaced. You'll never see that in an ad but now you can see it here.The less you know the more you'll pay. 



There was a huge difference between  Funny they forgot to mention the black mold in the basement. 

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